Gel Swatch Library


Version 3.1.5

Developed by us, sold by our sister company Gel Services, Inc.

Updated for iOS 10 and 11 and iPhone 7s

What's New?

Now you can export gelstrings to our latest app: ShadowMagic.

Gel Swatch Library has been updated to the modern age. Apple's iOS operating system has been improved since iOS 1.0 when we first made the library in 2008. Now the new phones have P3 wide color gamut displays, much faster processors, and more display area. We have taken advantage of all of that to bring you a version for modern day usage. 

Best of all with our new foundation, compatible with iOS 11, we have new features and tools planned to make your job much easier.


Better Colors

All the new phones have wide color gamut. This allows much better and more vibrant colors, particularly in the reds. But for you to see the difference, we had to change our algorithms to show off the great new color range. The screen shots above both came from an iPhone 7 and the difference is startling. Notice that the old program's color representation is dull compared to the new colors you can see with wide color gamut. Wait til you see it on your phone.

Take me home... with gestures

Now you can navigate back through the menu structure with a quick swipe to the right. Much faster and more convenient. For our long time users with ingrained muscle memory, we still have the buttons and arrows to show you how to get back.Projects

Sharing... on Steroids

We have added over 350 new colors from all the manufacturers. And even better, there is a new update feature so new colors, new light sources and even new manufacturers can be added without going back to the App store for an entire new download.


See more at Gel Services, Inc.

Gel Swatch Library is still sold through Gel Services, our sister company. Take a look at their website for more info and pretty  pictures.


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All of the popular gel brands are in this library. Search and compare across the entire library. View similar and complementary colors. Combine gels and view them on different light sources.

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